Our Photobooths

  • Our Classic Photobooth
    • Open Air
    • D-SLR Camera (for better image quality)
    • 2 studio strobes to freeze action
    • 21" Touchscreen
    • Dual photo-strips print in 20 secs
    • Needs no room lighting
    • Elegant design
    • Number available: 2
    • Indoors + outdoors (if under cover)
  • our studio photobooth
    • Open Air
    • D-SLR Camera (for better image quality)
    • Studio strobe to freeze action
    • 27" Touchscreen
    • Dual photo-strips print in 20 secs
    • Needs no room lighting
    • Elegant design
    • Number available: 2
    • Indoor use only
    • Photographic Studio umbrella for studio quality lighting

Frequently Asked Q’s

How much space do I need for a photobooth?

Open air photobooths do have a larger footprint than sit-in-the-box style photobooths, but it doesn’t have to be heaps larger.

If you’re short on space, we can set up the photobooth closer to the wall/background.  This may mean only 3 people side by side will fit in the photos, but they’re still standing up, can move around, etc.

For the premium experience, we recommend allocating 3m x 3m.  We can set a wider backdrop, but we aim for 2.8m wide as this lets upto 5-6 people fit in side by side so whole tables of people can go through together.  On the other hand, a couple can also move forward a bit and still fill most of the image.

Please keep in mind that people need space to que up for their turn, and you may want to organise a small table for a guest book.

Yes, we can fit in a 2m x 2m space if really needed, but please keep in mind it won’t be the same experience.

Do your photobooths spit out prints?


No prints = no fun.

Dual prints take around 15 secs to print at the end of each photo ‘session’.

Are props included?

YES, and no.

Yes we include a basic set of props with most photobooth hires (some exceptions apply).  This is a round cane ‘box’ that typically contains several hats, several wigs, numerous sunglasses, and a random selection of other items.

If you are into props, YOU MAY WANT TO SUPPLIMENT this.


For $50 we are happy to provide (subject to availability) our premium prop box.  This is a large cane box filled with a much wider range of hats/wigs/masks/sunglasses/etc.

PLEASE BE AWARE that the contents of these prop boxes change from week to week due to breakages.

You will be liable for replacment costs should significant thieft or damage occur, so if your party is going to be on the wilder side, please opt out and make a trip to the $2 shop instead.  This will cost you less and still be a ton of fun, as well as stress-free for you, as your own props can be disposable.

Do you carry guest books?

We didn’t used to because we didn’t want everyone who’d had one of our photobooths for their wedding to have identical looking guestbooks.

But then we had some calls from people who couldn’t find anything nice.  So, now we do.

We carry a 50 page leather cover guest book (around 30 x 30cm) with semi-still black pages and an acrylic photo-strip window in it’s front cover (so your fav strip shows through).  These are $60 including 2 white pens and a roll of double sided tape.

TIP don’t use glue, it dries slowly, prints move, and your pages get stuck together.  Office Works in Orange bizarely doesn’t carry double sided tape anymore, so now carry this too.  If you get stuck, let us know.

Do I get a USB?


And not only that, it’s worth getting!  Not only do our USB’s contain the photo strips as .jpg’s but they also have each of the high resolution images the camera took.

It’s the nature of photobooths that one image on a photo strip can be pure gold, while the others around it are a bit ordinary.  But because you’ll have the individual high res files straight from the camera, you can have fun with the very best of what was captured.

Our Dark Grey Backdrops

Our most popular backdrop. They go with everything and don’t distract.

Our Black & Silver Backdrop

Dark themed but with some texture. Ideal if you don’t want to hang words or decorations in front.

Our Aqua Backdrop

Vinyl records not included. Perfect if this is a theme colour.

Our Black Backdrops

Black curtains give an unmatched dramatic look to your photos.

Your own backdrop

Let your imagination and creativity run wild. Ribbons, paper flowers, hessian, boards with blackboard paint, etc.

Red Backdrop

A red backdrop with a subtle design running through to break it up.

Our White Backdrop

For indoor use only. Sometimes only white will do.

A Venue Wall

If a nice wall exists, use it! This creates a tidy presentation without the potential tripping hazards of backdrop stands.

Marquee Inner Lining?

Visually this is a great look with just our white photobooth, inside your white tent.

Gallery – Celebrating Great Parties!

Who are we?

We are a photobooth company run by a wedding photography studio (Renaissance Photography).


We provide awesome ‘open air’ photobooths for weddings, parties, parties, and corporate events.  We are based in Orange, and travel often to Sydney, and throughout inland NSW.


In the past 12 months we’ve provided photobooths in: Sydney, Bathurst, Cobar, Dubbo, Forbes, Parkes, Cowra, Mudgee, Nyngan, Lighgow, Blue Mountains, Tamworth, Griffith, and many places in between.


We also have a Facebook page, and now post event gallaries there.

Contact Us

0411 349 989